Today Pro Series 6 starts!

The lineup is:
Rebecca Muskantor (SWE)
Hannah Holgersson (SWE)
Rikke Skattet (NOR)
Martine Toftaker (NOR)
Anna Kirichenko (FIN)
Mie Skov (DEN)

Three new players are introduced to you in Pro Series 6 in Halmstad Arena tomorrow!

Anna Kirichenko from Finland with more then 10 years experiece from the national team will be a interesting player to follow this tournament.Hannah Holgersson having her breakthrough season this season in Swedish Pingisligan by STIGA together with Martine Toftaker (NOR) who just turned 18 years old will also be two new faces to get to know.Already more or less familiar is Rebecca Muskantor (SWE), Rikke Skåttet (NOR) and in form player Mie Skov (DEN).

Can anyone beat the danish player this time? She recently won 2000€ winning the Swedish Tour Finals beating both Linda Bergström and Stina Källberg.

Wednesday games:
10:00 Anna Kirichenko-Hannah Holgersson
10:30 Mie Skov-Rebecca Muskantor
11:00 Martine-Toftaker-Rikke Skattet
11:30 Anna Kirichenko-Rebecca Muskantor
12:00 Mie Skov Rikke Skattet
12:30 Martine Toftaker-Hannah Holgersson
13:00 Anna Kirichenko-Rikke Skattet
13:30 Mie Skov-Martine Toftaker
14:00 Rebecca Muskantor-Hannah Holgersson
14:30 Anna Kirichenko-Martine Toftaker
15:00 Mie Skov-Hannah Holgersson
15:30 Rebecca Muskantor-Rikke Skattet

All matches will be broadcasted in Sweden via C More and TV4. In Norway A-Media have the media rights and globally other media broadcasting partners will be streaming the matches.

A big thank you to and STIGA Table Tennis for equipment and to our other partners as Scandic Hallandia for your great help!1 152Personer som nåtts255InteraktionerMarknadsför inlägg

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