Now it’s time for another Pro Series!

This time we travel to Halmstad and the magnificent venue Halmstad Arena. Six players will compete and play each other for two days. First we have a group staget were everybode face one another followed by a playoff who decides who will be the winner of the event.

This time we have five new faces to get to know. Mostly quite young Swedish players but also a more experienced brazilian, Jessica Yamada.

Matilda Hansson who just turned 18 is the youngest player and she will be accompanied by three players born in 2001: Alma Rööse, Hanna Kjellson and Sara Palm. All of these players are players in the Swedish Top Tier league Pingisligan by STIGA. Player number six i Hannah Holgersson who finished in third place in Pro Series 6 one month ago.

Hannah Holgersson, Sweden
Hanna Kjellson, Sweden
Sara Palm, Sweden
Alma Rööse, Sweden
Matilda Hansson, Sweden
Jessica Yamada, Brazil

Matcher Tuesday
10:00 Sara Palm-Hanna Kjellson
10:30 Hanna Holgersson-Matilda Hansson
11:00 Jessica Yamada-Alma Rööse
11:30 Sara Palm-Matilda Hansson
12:00 Hanna Holgersson-Alma Rööse
12:30 Jessica Yamada-Hanna Kjellson
13:00 Sara Palm-Alma Rööse
13:30 Hanna Holgersson-Jessica Yamada
14:00 Matilda Hansson-Hanna Kjellson
14:30 Sara Palm-Jessica Yamada
15:00 Hanna Holgersson-Hanna Kjellson
15:30 Matilda Hansson-Alma Rööse

Matcher Wednesday
10:00 Sara Palm-Hanna Holgersson
10:30 Jessica Yamada-Matilda Hansson
11:00 Alma Rööse-Hanna Kjellson
12:30 1-4 Semfinal
13:00 2-3 Semifnal
13:30 5-6
14:00 Match om tredjepris
14:30 Final

Media and streaming
More och TV4 will be braodcasting the event in Sweden. Third hand parties might be broadcasting the event on their website.

Picture: Hannah Holgersson from Pro Series 6 Photo: Jens Oredsson