Pro Series is back again this week with many familiar faces from earlier events.

We have a top trio of Harald Andersson, Elias Ranefur and Esteban Dorr who will be the players to beat this week for the younger crowd of Alex Naumi, Antoine Doyen, Thor Christensen and Casper Strindberg.

The only new player in the line up is the Swede Sebastian Loso, born and raised in Stockholm and now playing in the Romanian top tier with Oderheiu Secuiesc. Loso is a fighter at the table and brings and plays close to the table with a great playing awerness, making most of his points from good defensive wotk with blocks and from his backhand side.

As always the event is broadcasted LIVE on national Swedish Television and on C More!

We are exited for this weeks tournament. The event is played 6-8 July in Blomsterbergshallen, Eslöv.

Sebastian Loso (SWE)
Alex Naumi (FIN)
Elias Ranefur (SWE)
Thor Christensen (DEN)
Esteban Dorr (FRA)
Casper Strindberg (SWE)
Antoine Doyen (POR)
Harald Andersson (SWE)

10:00 Sebastian Loso-Harald Andersson
10:30 Alex Naumi-Antoine Doyen
11:00 Elias Ranefur-Casper Strindberg
11:30 Thor Christensen-Esteban Dorr
12:00 Sebastian Loso-Antoine Doyen
12:30 Alex Naumi-Casper Strindberg
13:00 Thor Christensen-Harald Andersson
13:30 Elias Ranefur-Esteban Dorr
14:00 Sebastian Loso-Casper Strindberg
14:30 Thor Christensen-Antoine Doyen
15:00 Alex Naumi-Esteban Dorr
15:30 Elias Ranefur-Harald Andersson

Picture: Per Hällström Photo: Jens Oredsson