We move! While Olympics is playing we continue with Pro Series. Now in Halmstad and with the ladies.

This time it’s mostly Swedish players but the big exception is Mie Skov from Denmakr with her eyes on a second win, if she manage to win she will be the first player to win two Pro Series event ever.

As usual we are broadcasting live at Swedish national TV and via other mediapartners globally. The event is played 28-29 July in Halmstad Arena, Halmstad.

Annie Hedlund, Sweden
Sara Palm, Sweden
Jennifer Jonsson, Sweden
Alma Rööse, Sweden
Mie Skov, Denmark
Filippa Bergand, Sweden

Playing schedule Wednesday
10:00 Filippa Bergand-Alma Rööse
10:30 Jennifer Jonsson-Annie Hedlund
11:00 Mie Skov-Sara Palm
11:30 Filippa Bergand-Annie Hedlund
12:00 Jennifer Jonsson-Sara Palm
12:30 Mie Skov-Alma Rööse
13:00 Filippa Bergand-Sara Palm
13:30 Jennifer Jonsson-Mie Skov
14:00 Annie Hedlund-Alma Rööse
14:30 Filippa Bergand-Mie Skov
15:00 Jennifer Jonsson-Alma Rööse
15:30 Annie Hedlund-Sara Palm