We are now back in Halmstad for the last womens event of Pro Series. It’s the 16th event for the season and we have three previous winners in the lineup, Mie Skov, Filippa Bergand and Jennifer Jonsson. Hunting their first title is norwegian Martine Toftaker, Rebecca Muskantor and Erika Front. A very strong lineup for this Pro Series!

Martine Toftaker, Norway
Mie Skov, Denmark
Erika Fronth, Sweden
Jennifer Jonsson, Sweden
Rebecca Muskantor, Sweden
Filippa Bergand, Sweden

10:00 Filippa Bergand-Mie Skov
10:30 Jennifer Jonsson-Martine Toftaker
11:00 Erika Fronth-Rebecca Muskantor
11:30 Filippa Bergand-Martine Toftaker
12:00 Jennifer Jonsson-Rebecca Muskantor
12:30 Erika Fronth-Mie Skov
13:00 Filippa Bergand-Rebecca Muskantor
13:30 Jennifer Jonsson-Erika Fronth
14:00 Martine Toftaker-Mie Skov
14:30 Filippa Bergand-Erika Fronth
15:00 Jennifer Jonsson-Mie Skov
15:30 Martine Toftaker-Rebecca Muskantor