Next week we start Pro Series 2022 with a mens event in Blomsterbergshallen, Eslöv.
This year all events will be played in Eslöv for both men and women.

Applications for players are open but there are only a few spots available, some events even already full. So please check our calender and submit your application.
Players who have applied for events in April and May are confirmed. For all others, thank you for your applications. Events in June and forward will be filled and confirmed one by one. If you have any questions regarding applications please contact

Esteban Dorr, FRA
Mathieu de Saintilan, FRA
Ángel Ayuso, SPA
Antoine Doye, POR
Shoma Nishihara, JPN
Jonatan McDonald, SWE
Anton Hjort, SWE
Per Sandström, SWE

Wednesday 27/4
10:00 Esteban Dorr-Mathieu de Saintilan
10:30 Antoine Doyen-Ángel Ayuso
11:00 Anton Hjort-Per Sandström
11:30 Jonatan McDonald-Shoma Nishihara
12:00 Esteban Dorr-Ángel Ayuso
12:30 Antoine Doyen-Per Sandström
13:00 Jonatan McDonald-Mathieu de Saintilan
13:30 Anton Hjort-Shoma Nishihara
14:00 Esteban Dorr-Per Sandström
14:30 Jonatan McDonald-Ángel Ayuso
15:00 Antoine Doyen-Shoma Nishihara
15:30 Anton Hjort-Mathieu de Saintilan

Thursday 28/4
10:00 Esteban Dorr-Shoma Nishihara
10:30 Jonatan McDonald-Per Sandström
11:00 Antoine Doyen-Mathieu de Saintilan
11:30 Anton Hjort-Ángel Ayuso
12:00 Esteban Dorr-Jonatan McDonald
12:30 Shoma Nishihara-Mathieu de Saintilan
13:00 Antoine Doyen-Anton Hjort
13:30 Per Sandström-Ángel Ayuso
14:00 Esteban Dorr-Anton Hjort
14:30 Antoine Doyen-Jonatan McDonald
15:00 Shoma Nishihara-Ángel Ayuso
15:30 Per Sandström-Mathieu de Saintilan

Friday 29/4
10:00 Esteban Dorr-Antoine Doyen
10:30 Anton Hjort-Jonatan McDonald
11:00 Shoma Nishihara-Per Sandström
11:30 Ángel Ayuso-Mathieu de Saintilan

13:00 Semifinal 1 (1-4)
13:30 Semifinal 2 (2-3)
14:00 Place 7-8
14:30 Place 5-6
15:00 Third place
15:30 FINAL

Observe that all matches are played after each other which means starting times are NOT fixed unless it’s the first of the day.

How to watch
All events are televised LIVE on Swedish TV (Sportkanalen and CMORE) and also via third party media rights holders such as BET365 (account needed).