Tnorrow it is time for the women to play this seasons first Pro Series. We have some really strong players and the battle between Denmark and Sweden is about to begin!

Mie Skov with some great results frpm earlier tournaments will face Sophie Walløe competing in who is Denmark number one. Four Swedish players are in Eslöv to stop the red and white danish power, including top two players Linda Bergström and Stina Källberg.

Mie Skov, Denmark
Sophie Walløe, Denmark
Hannah Holgersson, Sweden
Linda Bergström, Sweden
Erika Fronth, Sweden
Stina Källberg, Sweden

Tuesday 3 May
10:00 Linda Bergström-Hannah Holgersson
10:30 Stina Källberg-Erika Fronth
11:00 Mie Skov-Sophie Walløe
11:30 Linda Bergström-Erika Fronth
12:00 Stina Källberg-Sophie Walløe
12:30 Mie Skov-Hannah Holgersson
13:00 Linda Bergström-Sophie Walløe
13:30 Stina Källberg-Mie Skov
14:00 Erika Fronth-Hannah Holgersson
14:30 Linda Bergström-Mie Skov
15:00 Stina Källberg-Hannah Holgersson
15:30 Erika Fronth-Sophie Walløe

Wednesday 4 May
10:00 Linda Bergström-Stina Källberg
10:30 Mie Skov-Erika Fronth
11:00 Sophie Walløe-Hannah Holgersson

12:30 Semifinal 1-4
13:00 Semifinal 2-3
13:30 Placering 5-6
14:00 Match om tredjepris
14:30 Final

Foto: Jens Oredsson