We are at it again!

Today we start a two-day-tournament for the women and we have some new faces in Pro Series: Pauline Chasselin from France, Sally Maribo from Denmark and Alva Themnér from Sweden. The other three has been in several events before: Filippa Bergand, Erika Fronth and Hannah Holgersson.

Bergand a former winner of Pro Series will carry the burdenship of being the top candidate to win this event together with french international Chasselin. Can anybody take them on? Maybe Erika Fronth?
We will see!!

How to watch
All events are televised LIVE on Swedish TV (Sportkanalen and CMORE) and also via third party media rights holders such as BET365 (account needed).

10:00 Erika Fronth-Pauline Chasselin
10:30 Filippa Bergand-Alva Themnér
11:00 Hannah Holgersson-Sally Maribo
11:30 Erika Fronth-Alva Themnér
12:00 Filippa Bergand-Sally Maribo
12:30 Hannah Holgersson-Pauline Chasselin
13:00 Erika Fronth-Sally Maribo
13:30 Filippa Bergand-Hannah Holgersson
14:00 Alva Themnér-Pauline Chasselin
14:30 Erika Fronth-Hannah Holgersson
15:00 Filippa Bergand-Pauline Chasselin
15:30 Alva Themnér-Sally Maribo

10:00 Erika Fronth-Filippa Bergand
10:30 Hannah Holgersson-Alva Themnér
11:00 Sally Maribo-Pauline Chasselin

12:30 Semifinal 1-4
13:00 Semifinal 2-3
13:30 Placering 5-6
14:00 Placering 3-4
14:30 FINAL