Starting today we have yet another summer edition of Pro Series. Two newcomers and also last events winner Elias Ranefur in the lineup.

Esteban Dorr and Elias Ranefur will be the two favourites in this tournament but Hampus Söderlund and Sebastian Loso will be no easy targets.

Joel Mikael is the youngest player to play this torunament and i’s his first apperance as it is for young Elliot Lundquist also. Two young players with a great chance to gain experience.

Exiting three days to some. 12-14 July in Blomsterbergshallen.Eslöv.

How to watch
All events are televised LIVE on Swedish TV (Sportkanalen and CMORE) and also via third party media rights holders such as BET365 (account needed).

Elias Ranefur, SWE
Esteban Dorr, FRA
Hampus Söderlund, SWE
Sebastian Loso, SWE
Jonathan Thimon, SWE
Joel Mikael, SWE
Elliot Lundquist, SWE
Shoma Nishihara, JPN

Playing Schedule
10:00 Elias Ranefur                 Shoma Nishihara
10:30 Esteban Dorr                 Elliot Lundquist
11:00 Hampus Söderlund      Joel Mikael
11:30 Sebastian Loso              Jonathan Thimon
12:00 Elias Ranefur                 Elliot Lundquist
12:30 Esteban Dorr                 Joel Mikael
13:00 Sebastian Loso              Shoma Nishihara
13:30 Hampus Söderlund      Jonathan Thimon
14:00 Elias Ranefur                 Joel Mikael
14:30 Sebastian Loso              Elliot Lundquist
15:00 Esteban Dorr                 Jonathan Thimon
15:30 Hampus Söderlund      Shoma Nishihara

10:00 Elias Ranefur                 Jonathan Thimon
10:30 Sebastian Loso              Joel Mikael
11:00 Esteban Dorr                 Shoma Nishihara
11:30 Hampus Söderlund      Elliot Lundquist
12:00 Elias Ranefur                 Sebastian Loso
12:30 Jonathan Thimon          Shoma Nishihara
13:00 Esteban Dorr                 Hampus Söderlund
13:30 Joel Mikael                     Elliot Lundquist
14:00 Elias Ranefur                 Hampus Söderlund
14:30 Esteban Dorr                 Sebastian Loso
15:00 Jonathan Thimon          Elliot Lundquist
15:30 Joel Mikael                     Shoma Nishihara

09:30 Elias Ranefur                 Esteban Dorr
10:00 Hampus Söderlund      Sebastian Loso
10:30 Jonathan Thimon          Joel Mikael
11:00 Elliot Lundquist             Shoma Nishihara

12:30 Semifinal 1-4
13:00 Semifinal 2-3
13:30 Place 7-8
14:00 Place 5-6
14:30 Place 3-4                                                                                                      
15:00 Final

Photo: Per Hällström Pic: Esteban Dorr