Eight players but there will only be one winner. Three days of play were everbody plays eachother and than the top-4 will face of in a playoff.

We have some experienced players and some new faces. A extra welcome to Hugo Törngren, making his debut in Pro Series this event. Hampus Nordberg and Pär Gerell are joining us with some massive experience and it will be interesting to see how they handle the different playing styles combined this event.

We are looking forward to some exiting games these next coming days, starting today at 10.00!

Mathieu de Saintilan, FRA
Ángel Ayuso, SPA
Pär Gerell, SWE
Hugo Törngren, SWE
Michał Bańkosz, POL
Anton Hjort, SWE
Amirreza Abbasi, IRN
Hampus Nordberg, SWE

10:00 Mathieu de Saintilan-Hampus Nordberg
10:30 Ángel Ayuso-Amirreza Abbasi
11:00 Jonatan McDonald-Anton Hjort
11:30 Hugo Törngren-Michał Bańkosz
12:00 Mathieu de Saintilan-Amirreza Abbasi
12:30 Ángel Ayuso-Anton Hjort
13:00 Hugo Törngren-Hampus Nordberg
13:30 Jonatan McDonald-Michał Bańkosz
14:00 Mathieu de Saintilan-Anton Hjort
14:30 Hugo Törngren-Amirreza Abbasi
15:00 Ángel Ayuso-Michał Bańkosz
15:30 Jonatan McDonald-Hampus Nordberg

THURSDAY 25 August
10:00 Mathieu de Saintilan-Michał Bańkosz
10:30 Hugo Törngren-Anton Hjort
11:00 Ángel Ayuso-Hampus Nordberg
11:30 Jonatan McDonald-Amirreza Abbasi
12:00 Mathieu de Saintilan-Hugo Törngren
12:30 Michał Bańkosz-Hampus Nordberg
13:00 Ángel Ayuso-Jonatan McDonald
13:30 Anton Hjort-Amirreza Abbasi
14:00 Mathieu de Saintilan-Jonatan McDonald
14:30 Ángel Ayuso-Hugo Törngren
15:00 Michał Bańkosz-Amirreza Abbasi
15:30 Anton Hjort-Hampus Nordberg

FRIDAY 26 August
09:30 Mathieu de Saintilan-Ángel Ayuso
10:00 Jonatan McDonald-Hugo Törngren
10:30 Michał Bańkosz-Anton Hjort
11:00 Amirreza Abbasi-Hampus Nordberg

12:30 SEMIFINAL 1-4
13:00 SEMIFINAL 2-3
13:30 Place 7-8
14:00 Place 5-6
14:30 Place 3-4
15:00 FINAL

Photo: Jens Oredsson