New event with eight great players in the lineup!
Last events winner will be chased by Elias Ranefur and Antione Hachard and fem more players. An extra welcome to Daniel Kosiba making his debut in Pro Series!

Antoine Hachard, FRA
Daniel Kosiba, HUN
Pär Gerell, SWE
Elias Ranefur, SWE
Thor Christensen, DEN
Alex Naumi, FIN
Antoine Doyen, POR
Per Sandström, SWE 

How to watch
All events are televised LIVE on Swedish TV (Sportkanalen and CMORE) and also via third party media rights holders such as BET365 (account needed).

Playing schedule

10:00 Antoine Hachard-Per Sandström
10:30 Daniel Kosiba-Antoine Doyen
11:00 Pär Gerell-Alex Naumi
11:30 Elias Ranefur-Thor Christensen
12:00 Antoine Hachard-Antoine Doyen
12:30 Daniel Kosiba-Alex Naumi
13:00 Elias Ranefur-Per Sandström
13:30 Pär Gerell-Thor Christensen
14:00 Antoine Hachard-Alex Naumi
14:30 Elias Ranefur-Antoine Doyen
15:00 Daniel Kosiba-Thor Christensen
15:30 Pär Gerell-Per Sandström

Pic: Antione Hachard Photo: Jens Oredsson