We are ready again!

Eight players are ready to compete for three days in Eslöv at Pros Series. We have two new faces in the lineup: Kim Taehyun from Bundesliga and also Englist international Tom Jarvis. Two great players who will be competing for the final victory. More than them you will have a great mix of players from different countries and continents.
Some great matches are being promised!

Antoine Doyen, POR
Wille Kindblad, SWE
Khalid Assar, EGY
Hampus Söderlund, SWE
Per Sandström, SWE
Tom Jarvis, ENG
Simon Arvidsson, SWE
Kim Taehyun, KOR

How to watch
All events are televised LIVE on Swedish TV (Sportkanalen and CMORE) and also via third party media rights holders such as BET365 (account needed).

Tuesday 20 September
10:00 Antoine Doyen-Kim Taehyun
10:30 Wille Kindblad-Simon Arvidsson
11:00 Khalid Assar-Tom Jarvis
11:30 Hampus Söderlund-Per Sandström
12:00 Antoine Doyen-Simon Arvidsson
12:30 Wille Kindblad-Tom Jarvis
13:00 Hampus Söderlund-Kim Taehyun
13:30 Khalid Assar-Per Sandström
14:00 Antoine Doyen-Tom Jarvis
14:30 Hampus Söderlund-Simon Arvidsson
15:00 Wille Kindblad-Per Sandström
15:30 Khalid Assar-Kim Taehyun

Wednesday 21 September
10:00 Antoine Doyen-Per Sandström
10:30 Hampus Söderlund-Tom Jarvis
11:00 Wille Kindblad-Kim Taehyun
11:30 Khalid Assar-Simon Arvidsson
12:00 Antoine Doyen-Hampus Söderlund
12:30 Per Sandström-Kim Taehyun
13:00 Wille Kindblad-Khalid Assar
13:30 Tom Jarvis-Simon Arvidsson
14:00 Antoine Doyen-Khalid Assar
14:30 Wille Kindblad-Hampus Söderlund
15:00 Per Sandström-Simon Arvidsson
15:30 Tom Jarvis-Kim Taehyun

THursday 22 September
09:30 Antoine Doyen-Wille Kindblad
10:00 Khalid Assar-Hampus Söderlund
10:30 Per Sandström-Tom Jarvis
11:00 Simon Arvidsson-Kim Taehyun


12:30 Semifinal 1-4
13:00 Semifinal 2-3
13:30 Place 7-8
14:00 Place 5-6
14:30 Place 3-4
15:00 Final

Pic: Khalid Assar Photo:Per Hällström