Some new faces and some old ones in this weeks Pro Series!

We are welcoming back players like Pär Gerell, Jonatan McDonald, Borgar Haug and Eric Glod from earlier tournaments. From last weeks tournament Esteban Dorr and Tobias Rasmussen are back again. And for the first time we will se the polish player Michal Bankosz and swede Per Sandström.

Battle of the lefties?
An exiting lineup with a good combination of playing styles. One thing to notice is that 5/8 players are lefties. LAst week we had arighhander (Harald Andersson) beating all lefthanders and this time we have enforced them with Pär Gerell, van anyone beat the swedish veteran?

Esteban Dorr (FRA)
Tobias Rasmussen (DEN)
Michal Bankosz (POL)
Borgar Haug (NOR)
Eric Glod (LUX)

Jonatan McDonald (SWE)
Per Sandström (SWE)
Pär Gerell (SWE)

10:00 Per Sandström-Jonatan McDonald
10:30 Tobias Rasmussen-Esteban Dorr
11:00 Pär Gerell-Borgar Haug
11:30 Eric Glod-Michal Bankosz
12:00 Per Sandström-Esteban Dorr
12:30 Tobias Rasmussen-Borgar Haug
13:00 Eric Glod-Jonatan McDonald
13:30 Pär Gerell-Michal Bankosz
14:00 Per Sandström-Borgar Haug
14:30 Eric Glod-Esteban Dorr
15:00 Tobias Rasmussen-Michal Bankosz
15:30 Pär Gerell-Jonatan McDonald

Photo: Per Hällström