We are now open for applications for Pro Series 11, 12 and 13 for men. Because it is summer time and planning has to be in order for both players and organizers we have decided to open application for the next three events.

Pro Series 11
29 June-1 July

Pro Series 12
6-8 July

Pro Series 13
20-22 July

Deadline for application is set to 14th June. We appreciate faster answers than that and also if you don’t can give a 100% answer we appreciate you expressing your interest. We hope you all try to take the advantage of playing this events this summer. All events are broadcasted live on Swedish television and I dare to say that we as organizers really try to take care of you as players. Also if someone needs to stay for practice I am sure we can be of assistance of that, just let us know. Participation will be confirmed when the lineup is complete (might be before deadline) or a few days after the deadline.

Hope to see you all soon and I’m looking forward to your applications!

Find calender here. Apply here.