Time for another Pro Series event in Blomsterbergshallen, Eslöv, Sweden!

This time we bring some old and familiar faces but also some returning for the second time and also a new player, Quentin Pradelle /FRA). Pradelle who has been play in Greece and France this past season is also a software engineer and co-founder of the brand Ping Pang Paris. Welcome to all the players for this event!

We play for three (13-15 June) days starting on Monday with these eight players:
Jonatan McDonald, SWE
Anton Hjort, SWE
Michał Bańkosz, POL
Brossier Benjamin, FRA
Quentin Pradelle, FRA
Elias Ranefur, SWE
Wille Kindblad, SWE
Simon Arvidsson, SWE


MONDAY 13 June
10:00 Elias Ranefur Wille Kindblad
10:30 Jonatan McDonald Anton Hjort
11:00 Benjamin Brossier Quentin Pradelle
11:30 Michał Bańkosz Simon Arvidsson
12:00 Elias Ranefur Anton Hjort
12:30 Jonatan McDonald Quentin Pradelle
13:00 Michał Bańkosz Wille Kindblad
13:30 Benjamin Brossier Simon Arvidsson
14:00 Elias Ranefur Quentin Pradelle
14:30 Michał Bańkosz Anton Hjort
15:00 Jonatan McDonald Simon Arvidsson
15:30 Benjamin Brossier Wille Kindblad

10:00 Elias Ranefur Simon Arvidsson
10:30 Michał Bańkosz Quentin Pradelle
11:00 Jonatan McDonald Wille Kindblad
11:30 Benjamin Brossier Anton Hjort
12:00 Elias Ranefur Michał Bańkosz
12:30 Simon Arvidsson Wille Kindblad
13:00 Jonatan McDonald Benjamin Brossier
13:30 Quentin Pradelle Anton Hjort
14:00 Elias Ranefur Benjamin Brossier
14:30 Jonatan McDonald Michał Bańkosz
15:00 Simon Arvidsson Anton Hjort
15:30 Quentin Pradelle Wille Kindblad

09:30 Elias Ranefur Jonatan McDonald
10:00 Benjamin Brossier Michał Bańkosz
10:30 Simon Arvidsson Quentin Pradelle
11:00 Anton Hjort Wille Kindblad

12:30 Semifinal 1-4
13:00 Semifinal 2-3
13:30 Place 7-8
14:00 Place 5-6
14:30 Place 3-4
15:00 FINAL

How to watch
All events are televised LIVE on Swedish TV (Sportkanalen and CMORE) and also via third party media rights holders such as BET365 (account needed).

Photo: Jens Oredsson Pic:Benjamin Brossier