Next week we go again and this time it’s a women event!

We will have two new players in the lineup: Jennie Edvinsson (Sweden) and Tanja Helle (Netherlands, WELCOME.

Hannah Holgersson, SWE
Rebecca Muskantor, SWE
Sara Palm, SWE
Jennie Edvinsson, SWE
Tanja Helle, Netherlands
Matilda Hansson, SWE


10:00 Rebecca Muskantor-Matilda Hansson
10:30 Hannah Holgersson-Jennie Edvinsson
11:00 Sara Palm-Tanja Helle
11:30 Rebecca Muskantor-Jennie Edvinsson
12:00 Hannah Holgersson-Tanja Helle
12:30 Sara Palm-Matilda Hansson
13:00 Rebecca Muskantor-Tanja Helle
13:30 Hannah Holgersson-Sara Palm
14:00 Jennie Edvinsson-Matilda Hansson
14:30 Rebecca Muskantor-Sara Palm
15:00 Hannah Holgersson-Matilda Hansson
15:30 Jennie Edvinsson-Tanja Helle

10:00 Rebecca Muskantor-Hannah Holgersson
10:30 Sara Palm-Jennie Edvinsson
11:00 Tanja Helle-Matilda Hansson

12:30 Semifinal 1-4
13:00 Semifinal 2-3
13:30 Placering 5-6
14:00 Placering 3-4
14:30 FINAL

Pic: Rebecca Muskantor Photo: Jens Oredsson